aespa teaser – SYNK, æspa

aespa – SYNK, æspa

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1. It has been a while since SM has released a new girl group so I’m excited. But the members’ skills and visuals and their concept make me feel like they’re from a small to medium agency..

2. I can’t see the visual member, but who is the dance member?

3. Something doesn’t look like SM…

4. Small and medium agency vibes…

5. What is this?…. These days, the video quality of small and medium agencies seems better than this

6. Wow, this is SM…? To be honest, I wouldn’t care about them if they didn’t have the SM girl group title…

7. To be honest, it’s because this group is from SM, I bet this group would have been buried if it was from a small to medium agency…

8. Wow, what happened to SM?

9. I mean, SM can’t highlight the members’ charms ㅜㅠ

10. NingNing is really pretty, that’s the only thing I can feel…

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