“Distorting history while making money in Korea, banning Victoria and Lay’s activities”

In light of the recent historical controversy, Korean netizens have created a petition to ban idols including EXO’s Lay, f(x)’s Victoria, former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung, Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao, Xuanyi, Meiqi, and more from promoting in Korea. As reported, netizens have expressed rage over the past several days as several Chinese K-Pop idols began to show their support in commemorating China’s military involvement in the Korean War.

In the petition, netizens argued that they “do not wish to see those who seek to change the historical narrative while brazenly continuing their promotions in South Korea.” The petition also noted that “China continues to make propagandistic materials to commemorate their involvement, creating films and broadcasting documentaries during prime time on television.”

Furthermore, the petition supporters argued that these idols have “gained popularity by debuting in Korea,” and that they are now using their influence to distort the narrative of Korean history. The petition reads, “This gesture is gaining momentum, as it is influencing other Chinese audiences and international viewers who are not knowledgeable in Korea’s history.” cr

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1. Please don’t debut Chinese idols in the future…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. But most of these idols are not active in Koreaㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their management companies are quite good at making foreign currency through them…

3. I don’t want to see Chinese idols anymore

4. I hate Chinese idols… Don’t include Chinese kids in K-pop groups

5. And please expel the Chinese trainees

6. But are they promoting in Korea?

7. Even so, SM is adding Chinese people to the new girl group..? This is crazy, please, I hope it’s not true

8. Chinese idols should be banned from entering Korea

9. They have to be banned from entering Korea, I’m annoyed to think that such trash can make money in Korea

10. I just don’t want any Chinese members in K-pop groups from now on

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