I found that the lifespan of 3rd generation idol groups has been extended

EXO’s 10th year

BTOB’s 10th year

NU’EST’s 10th year

BTS’s 9th year

WINNER’s 8th year

iKON’s 7th year

Seventeen’s 7th year

MONSTA X’s 7th year

DAY6’s 7th year

NCT’s 6th year

Mamamoo’s 8th year

Red Velvet’s 8th year

Lovelyz’s 8th year

TWICE’s 7th year

GFriend’s 7th year

Oh My Girl’s 7th year

BLACKPINK’s 6th year

Cosmic Girls’ 6th year

original post: theqoo

1. Every time I see NCT, I still think they are rookiesㅋㅋㅋ

2. VIXX is also 10 years old

3. The idol members seem to have less individual activities, but the group activities time is longer

4. Well, EXO is already 10 years old. To me, they are still like rookies

5. It’s great that BLACKPINK is only 6 years old, they are already so popular

6. Since they also promote overseas and the members also seem to know that group activities are better than individual activities

7. The groups with no change in members are BTS, WINNER, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, of which BTS is the longest group

8. The idols I liked 10 years ago are still doing well, so I feel younger

9. Even if they’re in their 30s these days, they’re still idolsㅋㅋㅋ…

10. NCT is already 6 years old? Oh my God

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