CBS interview ‘The question of military service’ BTS… “When duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond”

Netizens give reasons for BTS to be exempt from military service

On April 21, CBS’s “Sunday Morning” released their exclusive interview on BTS.

The interviewer Seth Doane first asked for their opinions on eventually having to serve in the military. Jin responded, “As a Korean, it’s natural. And, someday, when duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond and do our best.”

Seth Doane continued the interview by asking if they worry about the group breaking off, separating, or going different ways. Jungkook’s answer, “I don’t want to think about it at this point. We have something really good going.”

RM added, “That’s the answer. We just enjoy the ride, live in the moment. That’s all we can do.”

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1.[+1545, -23] These guys have a great personality. They will definitely have more fun now.

2. [+1297, -100] They are pure young people and do their part with honesty. I think it is discrimination if they are not exempt from military service while they are very successful on Billboard, bring foreign currency to the country and extremely high economic efficiency.

3. [+1092, -18] It is hard to find any articles about the meaning of the lyrics message or growth story of BTS. Rather, the more distant a country from Korea without Korean language, the more they try to understand it, the more they look at the true value with an objective eye and respond to it. Too bad. Instead of enlistment, about music and lyrics in Korean.Why aren’t you interested in it?

4. [+1005, -115] Who made Korea known as them? You can’t greedily bring these great young guys like this to the army!

5. [+829, -41] I think the way for Korea, a small country surrounded by great powers, to become a “cultural power”. Considering the number of people and the size of the economy, it is difficult for Korea to defeat its neighboring powers. If BTS is sent to the military at this time, it will be a loss for our nation. Please exempt them from military service, in this way, Korea will become a cultural power.

6. [+217, -6] Son Heung-min promoted the nation’s prestige with his feet and Park Chan-ho with his hands, but the BTS song was written in Korean to promote the national culture. If you only look at the benefits of military service, they deserve to be exempted from military service. I hope even I, who serve in the army, I want to spread our culture more and more thanks to BTS. If BTS enters the army, it is a loss to the nation. It’s hard to see how the eyes of the world will see Korea if we send them to the army.

7. [+211, -2] I heard that BTS has an economic effect with a rough estimate of 5 trillion won. If I win first prize, can I attract at least one tourist? LOL. I think the times have changed now. Let’s change the law.

8. [+180, -0] CBS flew from the US to Korea and interviewed them directly. Let’s analyze it carefully and talk about the music. The Korean press was only excited by the provocative story.

9. [+166, -1] I’m afraid I will write unnecessary comments and make BTS is hated. I want to let everyone know that BTS’s economic efficiency is estimated at 6.5-7 trillion won per year. Oh, a baseball player. Someone was swearing. He’s been exempted from military service, I guess.

10. [+161, -5] BTS will be exempt from military service.

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