SM to take legal action on behalf of Taeyeon

On December 30, SM Entertainment announced on the label’s official Facebook account that “false facts, malicious accusations, and slanderous postings against our artist Taeyeon are spreading indiscriminately to online communities, YouTube, social media, and portal sites.”

The label continued, “This is defaming and inflicting great mental distress on our artists, and we’re collecting materials related to illegal activities online to protect artists. We’ll file a complaint through our legal representative Kim & Chang Law office as soon as the data is collected,” and asked for evidence from fans. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Let’s sue the stalking reporter

2. Let’s start with that reporter

3. Please sue that reporter as well

4. ((((Taeyeon))))

5. I’m a fan of another idol, but I always support Taeyeon, I hope SM sues people who write malicious comments

6. I heard that it’s difficult to sue that reporter, but I guess SM can sue that reporter

7. Please ㅠㅠ Please give me the progress and results this time

8. You have to sue that reporter

9. Fighting!!!

10. I don’t know the other kids but I hope SM can sue that reporter. The cause of all the problems was that reporter

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