The mysterious timeline of April’s cellphones

APRIL just released part two of their exclusive tell-all interview regarding bullying allegations

Firstly, the event that seemed to have taken place during Yena‘s middle school graduation in 2016 was made the center of the doubt.

This was an event held in early 2016. The event was widely attended by APRIL’s fans as this was after debut. From photos taken by their fansite masters, it could be seen that the girls were holding on to their personal cellphones.

In a previous interview held in August 2017, the girls had claimed that they had not been living with cellphones for over 2 years. They had claimed, “Currently, APRIL has not been living with cellphones for over two years.”

In a recent statement regarding the bullying allegations by member Chaewon, she had claimed that the members did not have personal phones between 2015 and September 2017. She claimed that Hyunjoo suddenly started carrying around a personal handphone one day. This was reiterated in part two of their exclusive interview which stated that the agency had specially allowed only Hyunjoo to use a cellphone. cr


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1. This is why I don’t believe what they say, and they don’t seem to know how distorted their memories are

2. The graduation ceremony was not a private event, there were fans and reporters there. I don’t think it makes sense to give the photos taken at the graduation ceremony as proof that they were close

3. They are all from other provinces and Hyunjoo is from Seoul alone, so she can go back to her home instead of the dorm, and of course she needs a cellphone every time she back home

4. Thank you for telling me another lie of theirs

5. They used to take a lot of selfies with their employees’ cellphones, but if you look at the photo of them holding their cellphones in the first photo, it’s like their cell phones

6. So why did they have personal cellphones during the graduation ceremony?

7. So they are lying

8. Wow, this is a legendary group of all time in a different senseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Maybe because it was a graduation ceremony, they were allowed to use cellphones..?

10. I hate them more because they keep lying

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