What’s your favorite song among Red Velvet’s top 3 hit songs?

1. Russian Roulette

Netizens pick their favorite Red Velvet song

2. Red Flavor

3. Bad Boy

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1. All three songs are masterpieces… I can’t choose

2. Red Flavor for me! I like the coolness that feels summer

3. Ice Cream Cake… I like everything from the music video to the song and the members’ visuals

4. Red Flavor ㅠㅠㅠ Seriously summer – Red Flavor = 0

5. The concept is Russian Roulette! The song is Bad Boy!!

6. Honestly, all of Red Velvet’s songs are good

7. Bad Boy > Russian Roulette > Red Flavor

8. My favorite songs are Ice Cream Cake and Psycho

9. Bad Boy… I like this concept of Red Velvet

10. Russian Roulette.. The music video, song and choreography are so good

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