Male idols who are the best dancers in my opinion

BTS – Jungkook
EXO – Kai
NCT – Taeyong, Mark
Seventeen – Dino
TXT – Yeonjun

These are male idols who are the best dancers based on my personal preference… I prefer the slightly powerful and energetic dance style

original post: pann

1. [+87, -7] Everyone, please look at our Chan’s dancing in this fancam… He dances so well… Pledis is hiding him and not giving him much parts to show his talent…

2. [+82, -9] Our Dino….

3. [+72, -12] Yeonjun… I like his perfect body, so I keep watching his fancams

4. [+31, -10]

5. [+22, -4] Please watch our Jungkook fancams… You can just look at anything, he really does his best on every stage