What song do you think defines TWICE’s identity?

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1. [+234, -43] Huh???? Isn’t it unconditionally ‘What is Love’?????? I was so shocked…

2. [+166, -25] I’m surprised the public has varying opinions on TWICE… Which is cool

3. [+145, -7] I feel like it depends on the person. Early day ONCEs would name ‘Like OOH-AHH’ while the public may think it’s ‘Cheer Up’. Some ONCEs would name ‘TT’ or ‘Candy Pop’. ‘What is Love’ seems to be the defining song for them now but I personally think ‘Fanfare’ or ‘Cheer Up’ is the most TWICE-like song

4. [+135, -0] I thought it was ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ but I was surprised when I didn’t see it in the comments

5. [+64, -10] For TWICE, who has a colourful image, I think ‘Fanfare’ is their identity-defining song

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