Who is your favorite vocal color?

I personally like NCT Haechan’s vocal color… I didn’t know much about NCT but I was surprised when I heard “My First and Last” intro by chance, I loved his tone so much that I kept replaying it~ I liked his tone in the live version of “Back To You” as well

I also like the voices of BTOB Lee Changsub, Seventeen Hoshi and EXO D.O.

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1. [+560, -174] Jungkook

2. [+358, -171] Lee Haechan’s tone in “Love again” intro is best

3. [+273, -189] V, I was surprised when I heard his voice for the first time

4. [+260, -144] I like NCT Haechan’s vocal color too

5. [+211, -26] Every time I listen to Jungkook’s “Ending Scene” cover, I always feel like I’m in heaven. His voice is the best when he covers pop songs, especially “Paper Heart”

6. [+200, -27] Jungkook’s vocal color is so pretty… His voice is innocent and pure

7. [+157, -41] D.O., Haechan

8. [+153, -19] Jungkook’s vocal color is the best

9. [+141, -18] Hwasa, Jungkook, Joy

10.[+137, -18] Jungkook

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