Who do you think is the prettiest female celebrity in Korea?

For me, it’s Lee Young Ae. No matter how many pretty actresses I see, I just think they are pretty and that’s it. But I think Lee Young Ae has a vibe that makes you feel like you can’t just strike up a casual conversation with her ㅠㅠ How can she look pretty even with this weird bouncy hair?

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1. [+401, -128] For me it’s Jun Ji Hyun

2. [+234, -122] Jun Ji Hyun

3. [+166, -64] For me it’s Kim Hye Soo

4. [+133, -15] I think Lee Young Ae at 29 seems to be able to beat all of them

5. [+119, -22] Kim Tae Hee!!

6. [+115, -4] These people

7. [+101, -6] ..

8. [+89, -145] I think Song Hye Kyo is the top in Asia

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