What do you think the problem of ITZY is?

When they debuted, I thought ITZY would dominate the 4th generation

It’s a pity that they’re in a predicament…

JYP’s next girl group will debut early next year
I worry that they will flash and disappear like Miss A…

So what do you guys think is the problem with ITZY?

original post: pann

1. [+1068, -17] I don’t know about anything else, but honestly their songs seem to be getting worse.. It would have been better if they had released songs like DALLA DALLA…

2. [+1067, -66] Isn’t their problem the school violence scandal?

3. [+593, -834] ITZY’s problem is Lee Chaeryeong. Her face doesn’t fit the group and she’s not pretty… ITZY with Lee Chaeryeong will never gain popularity

4. [+438, -4] Concept; ITZY got a lot of good reactions during previous activities. Same concept as Wannabe, but Park Jin Young gave them a song like Mafia, he’s crazy

5. [+293, -7] Lia

6. [+282, -10] Didn’t Chaeryeong do the best during the DALLA DALLA era?ㅋㅋ It’s ridiculous to blame Chaeryeong