TWICE’s Japanese single “BETTER” first stage on Music Station today

original post: theqoo

1. Nayeon is so pretty and her voice is so good

2. They sing live?? We can all hear their voices clearly

3. The stage is good and the choreography is nice too

4. This song suits Jihyo’s voice so well. I’ve listened to this song before and I think the song is good, everyone should watch the stage of this song

5. Wow, they sing live well

6. They really don’t have time to rest

7. Personally, I don’t like Momo’s voice, but it’s easy to hear and a lot less annoying in this song, probably because of the right pitch, and Jihyo’s voice is so cool so it’s easy to hear

8. Everything is perfect, the outfits are pretty, Jihyo and Sana are so pretty ♡♡

9. As expected, everyone did well on stage

10. I like the song, everyone is pretty

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