BTS universe drama ‘Youth’ cast confirmed

‘Youth’ has finished its casting.

‘Youth’ will tell the story of BTS’ universe, and has cast Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Ahn Ji Ho, Seo Young Joo, Kim Yoon Woo, Jung Woo Jin, and Jeon Jin Seo. The boys will play, in order, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Jin’s character will play a son who is always overshadowed by his congressman father. Suga’s character is wrapped up in rumors that he killed his mother and set fire to the house, and only finds solace in his mother’s old piano. He and Jungkook’s character, who follows Suga without any question, will heal each other’s past. J-Hope’s character has been abandoned in a playground when he was young, but always keeps an optimistic outlook. RM’s character will be a young boy who matured too fast, and always keeps the #1 spot in school even through various part-time jobs. Jimin’s character will be someone who has a trauma from his younger days, and V’s character will play a son with an alcoholic father and a runaway mother. Jungkook’s character will be someone who has no thoughts on being alive or dead. cr

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2. Big Hit, I’m sick of this

3. HYYH is BTS’s greatest concept for fans… No one can replace it, but why does Big Hit keep using it to make money?

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8. What the hell are you doing with the real members’ names???

9. They don’t even protect their artists…. Wake up Big Hit !!!!

10. Don’t use the members’ real names, please protect your artists

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