LVMH Group’s CEO’s second son put an advertisement for Rosé x Tiffany & Co

Vice-president Alexandre Arnault

Rosé x Tiffany & Co’s flagship store is set up in the US.
The promotion started at dawn today on YouTube

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1. [+122, -27] Rosé, the first Korean model to have her own advertisement on a large size building in the US

2. [+118, -19] Since her bone structure is skinny, she suits their hand ware collection. I’ve never liked bold styles but Rosé made me want to buy themㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+104, -16] Rosé’s fortune teller says she will make a lot of money this year. That seems rightㄷ

4. [+70, -2] BLACKPINK members are doing well, but Rosé seems to be quietly strong

5. [+47, -3] Kering is already treating her like a princess and now even LVMH…

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