[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS ‘Butter’ Dance Practice

original post: theqoo

1. Jimin is a genius, this choreography is so good

2. They dance well. I like Seokjin’s broad shoulders

3. Jungkook is a stage genius… His expressions are so good

4. The members are all good, but V really stands out, I only see V

5. J-Hope’s dancing skills are no joke.. There’s a reason why he’s the main dancer of BTS

6. This choreography is fun, interesting, and charming.. I don’t get bored watching it over and over again

7. I love watching BTS dance practice videos, it’s fun

8. Jungkook’s smile and Namjoon’s physical make me unable to take my eyes off them ㅠㅠ They are all good at dancing….

9. Everything is good, but Jimin really stands out

10. Everyone is so nice, I love BTS

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