[Exclusive] BTS to make a comeback on the last week of May… The return of the king

According to some previous reports, BTS have set up plans to make a comeback at the end of May. As a result, various other industry insiders are lobbying to adjust the comeback schedules of other agency artists, the reports alleged.

Bit Hit Music said, “Our artists’ comeback plans are typically announced once they are confirmed.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Finally!! Can’t wait

2. Anyway, looks like a single or an album will be released in May

3. It’s not official, it’s speculation, so I’m waiting for Big Hit!!!

4. Well, I hope the activities of BTS and the activities of my idols don’t overlap..

5. I’m so excited!!!

6. The Billboard Music Awards will take place on May 24, so this isn’t the last week, I guess BTS will make a comeback on May 21. They will perform their comeback stage at the Billboard Music Awards

7. Wow I’m so excited. I will save money!

8. I want to buy their album, please ㅠㅠㅠ

9. I need to save money from now on

10. The return of the king

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