CJ ENM side “We are discussing reunion with Wanna One members”

On November 3, CJ ENM announced on Newsen, “We are actively discussing various plans such as ‘MAMA’, concerts, and albums with all Wanna One members.”

original post: theqoo

1. They’re doing well as solo artists, why does CJ keep causing trouble…

2. They are doing well, leave them alone

3. Don’t touch the kids

4. Leave the members alone, they’re all doing well, it’s annoying that CJ always wants to make money from them

5. I wish the members would reunite again

6. I wish the members would reunite and release at least one song for the fans

7. Please, I don’t want them to reunite because they’re so much better now

8. I know it won’t be perfect. I’m a Wanna One fan, but I don’t want them to reunite. They’re doing well so leave them alone

9. Seriously, CJ seems to have lost their conscience

10. I didn’t care about K-pop during Wanna One’s promotions, I know about their existence after their disbandment, I want to see their reunion stage at least once. But don’t the fans like it?