Cosmic Girls’ Luda clarifies dating rumors, “I’ve been holding in for 6 years”

She had named someone that was left-handed and good at using chopsticks as an ideal type previously. Her odd answers sparked the rumors

“I’ve never said anything about it being left-handed. I hope there are no misunderstandings. Currently, I don’t think being able to use chopsticks is very important. I really wanted to clarify this so I feel relieved now”

original post: theqoo

1. Does Luda have dating rumors?

2. What happened????

3. I didn’t even know she had dating rumors;

4. This is the first time I know about her dating rumors

5. I’ve never heard of it

6. Celebrities must be so tired

7. Even if she explains, people who don’t believe her won’t believe it even if they die

8. Why are you guys curious about other people’s private lives?

9. I heard this for the first time

10. She must have been under a lot of stress

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