JYP’s statement regarding DAY6

“Hello, this is JYPE.

First, we would like to sincerely thank My Day [DAY6’s fandom name], who have always cherished and thought of DAY6.

Because the fans had waited a long time for a full group album from DAY6, the members were able to do their best and complete production on this new album.

It would have been best if all the DAY6 members could have met My Day through group promotions, but as you know, leader Sungjin is unable to participate due to his enlistment in the military. As a result, there are several unavoidable difficulties associated with group activities for this album.

We regret to share such unfortunate news with My Day, but we felt that it would be more meaningful to show DAY6 as a full group. After long and in-depth discussions with the members, it was decided that the members would be taking a break from group activities for this album.

The agency will continue to actively support DAY6 as a group, as well as the members who work hard at their individual activities. We will emphasize care of our artists so that the members can show a good side of themselves to My Day.

Once again, we ask for the understanding of My Day who have been waiting for DAY6’s activities.

Thank you.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. So DAY6 will stop activities until Sungjin is discharged from the army?

2. What? Will they stop activities every time a member enlists?

3. It’s not a dance group, but a band, so it’s hard to be active without a member…

4. They may stop activities, but the reason is weird..

5. I guess because it’s a band

6. The fans already know this

7. What a waste. I love this song

8. I really like this song… I want to see them on stage..

9. “Hello, this is JYPE.” My heart stopped beating when I saw it. I really like this album!

10. I’m not a fan of DAY6, but I really want to go to DAY6’s concert…

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