The first episode of ‘Girls Planet 999’ records an average viewership rating of 0.46%

For reference, let’s compare it with episode 1 of other Mnet survival shows

Produce 1: 0.5
Produce 2: 1.6
Produce 48: 1.1
Produce X 101: 1.4
Idol School: 2.3

original post: theqoo

1. What do you think of people who support anti-American aid?

2. See, they know that this isn’t gonna work in Korea again, so now they’re out for the wallets of Chinese and Japanese viewers

3. I’m too tired to watch it, I hate Chinese idols

4. Because they got caught once, this time they’re gonna use way dirtier, secretive ways of rigging the show

5. I think you will know who the PD’s pick is just by watching episode 1

6. Anyone still watching CJ’s survival show?

7. Mnet, the biggest insult to K-Pop… No one cares…

8. I watched all seasons of Produce, but this show is boring, I hate Chinese girls

9. Mnet can’t give up on survival shows

10. Let’s stop talking about anything related to this show now

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