“Apologize to the fans…” iKON’s Bobby is getting married in September and his wife is pregnant

On August 20, iKON’s Bobby posted on Instagram that he’s becoming a father next month, and he’ll be tying the knot with the person he loves. He apologized for the sudden news and to fans who feel hurt or confused

original post: theqoo

1. I’m not even a fan, but I’m shocked… Where is his conscience?ㅋㅋㅋ

2. I congratulate you on getting married, but I hate you because you cheated on your fans

3. It’s not a matter of getting married or having a baby, it’s about him informing us a month before the baby is born

4. I guess a lot of fans will leave the fandom

5. It’s like EXO’s Chen 2.0

6. Oh my God… I kept thinking he was trying to do well when I watched him on Kingdom, but what’s going on..??

7. Seriously… what about the fans?

8. I feel the most sorry for the fans who respect, support and wait for their comeback

9. Only the fans are pitiful

10. I’m so shocked, how old is Bobby????

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