Netizens react  to ITZY "ICY" MV

original post: theqoo

1. Uh …. The song is better than I thought.

2. Yes, this song is not my hobby

3. I don’t like this song

4. Worse than I thought. The first teaser is artfully chosen.

5. This song is not very good, But the members are very pretty and charming

6. I think their choreography is good. I have to wait for their stage ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

7. I like the rhythm, but the melody is different from what I think …. but … good … I think it would be better to hear it a few times.

8. All girl groups this year are not as good as before. The reaction of foreigners in the music video is a bit odd.

9. Yuna is so pretty, I like Chaeryeong’s part, but it’s okay, the song is pretty good and I look forward to the stage of this song.

10. Music videos distract me a bit and the song makes my ears tired …. But the members are so pretty.

11. This song is addictive for me. I think people will be addicted to the song after listening to it a few times.

12. I think I should listen to this song more .. There aren’t many choreography in music video as I thought .. I want to see the stage quickly.

13. This song is good for the summer

14. Teaser scam …. But I’m still addicted to this song?

15. Good song! Everyone is pretty, it’s true.

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