Miyawaki Sakura signed exclusive contract with HYBE… Plans to depart from Japan to Korea in August!

According to Wow Korea, an official of Sakura told the media outlet, “Miyawaki Sakura signed a contract with HYBE and will leave Japan for Korea as early as this month.”

original post: theqoo

1. Sakura is about to debut for the 3rd time… This group looks like an IZ*ONE unit no matter how you look at it

2. I hate how HYBE is taking in former IZ*ONE members

3. Is HYBE a Japanese company? What the hell is Bang Si Hyuk doing?

4. I love Sakura, I’m looking forward to this new girl group

5. I’m really disappointed that HYBE is not finding new faces

6. There must be a lot of Korean trainees, but why?

7. A big company is creating a girl group like this..? Why did they recruit Min Heejin?

8. SM is crazy about China, Big Hit is crazy about Japan, the drugstore is crazy about drugs, JYP is shameless about bullying

9. It’s weird that Sakura is the girl who gets the most hate comments on Theqoo, but that doesn’t affect her popularity at all

10. I hope she doesn’t wear Hanbok when performing on stage in the future

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