BTS ‘Love Yourself in Seoul’, The start for Legend World Tour .. Still impressive after 1 year

JTBC aired an exclusive broadcast of the movie BTSLove Yourself in Seoul 2018‘, on July 20.

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1. [+532, -0] I was just touched that I finally got a chance to see the true value of BTS on TV. It’s great to show you why BTS became the best in the world and why everyone in the world is so excited. Jtbc, thank you.

2. [+289, -3] Do you want to broadcast again, Jtbc?

3. [+196, -1] I had such a happy time.Thank you, Jtbc

4. [+133, -0] Thanks for BTS waking up my soul. I watched it on TV, but I wish I could see BTS’s performance in real life.

5. [+26, -1] I looked at ‘Speak Yourself’, and I looked at this. Every time I see the growth of the stage, it’s amazing and it feels great. I think it’s Legend.

6. [+21, -1] Same as my family, even without domestic concert and fan meeting. I’m going to buy an album and cheer for you. I’m rooting for you until the end.

7. [+20, -1] J-Hope, the stage director J-Hope, the best dancer I’ve ever seen.

8. [+19, -0] Thank you. Jtbc. BTS’ passionate performance. I was so touched and overwhelmed by the hard dance. It’s because of the way Bangtan showed their performance. This is why they are a world star. It was a happy time for me to admire BTS singing.

9. [+19, -0] I’m so touched. It’s healing to see BTS on TV. There are many famous and good songs.

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