Fans react to rumors of Lee Soo Man selling his stake in SM “Sorry, Lee Soo Man please come back”

Fans who love SM’s unique musical colors express their deep regret at the news that Lee Soo Man will transfer management rights.

Fans said, “It’s weird sometimes, but he did a lot of good things”, “SM is not SM without Lee Soo Man”, “They still need a teacher”

original post: theqoo

1. What are they apologizing for???????? This is ridiculous

2. I think SM will still do well without Lee Soo Man in the future

3. ? Wasn’t his soul sold to China?

4. Well, now when SM does anything, SM fans will feel like they lack Lee Soo Man vibe, just like Min Heejin

5. These fans are pathetic

6. Anyone is welcome as long as they don’t hand over SM to China

7. Isn’t this a golden opportunity to defeat his Chinese dream?

8. Management rights and production rights are completely different, but what are they talking about??

9. I know there are weird kids everywhere, but why do they feel sorry for Lee Soo Man… Lee Soo Man made a lot of money thanks to them

10. Fans are really weird

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