Lucas posted an apology on Instagram

original post: theqoo

1. He’s a K-Pop idol, but he can’t even speak Korean? Crazy..

2. He even cursed at the other members, just leave the group.. He’s so disgusting

3. Can’t he speak Korean? It’s ridiculous that he wrote his apology in Chinese

4. Don’t disturb the other members who are working hard, just leave NCT

5. He’s working in Korea but he apologizes in Chinese

6. You can’t speak Korean, so why are you promoting in Korea?

7. Is SM a Chinese company?

8. This is my first time seeing an idol write an apology in Chinese… He’s just trash

9. No, but there was a Korean among the victims, so why did he write his apology in Chinese while working in the Korean agency?

10. Just leave the group and don’t disturb the other members

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