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1. Below my expectations …

2. My favorite song

3. All is good. NCT DREAM, you’re comeback! I can’t believe it!

4. It looks like an EXO song.

5. I want to see their stage quickly.

6. I like this song, but I need rappers to practice more …

7. Oh, the song is good. It sounds good and addictive.

8. The big agency will give you a good song and a good music video.

9. Both the song and the choreography are good

10. Oh, it’s hard to hear, it’s not very good.

11. They gave up popularity again.

12. Is the trend of songs these days? I don’t even know what it is.

13. The rap part is too bad; But it’s nice to see them comeback

14. I was confused with the 6th person and the 5th person. I was sure there were 5 people in the first dance, but in the middle, there were 6 people in the group, so I stopped and counted a few people.

15. Good voice, but rap is not good.

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