‘Produce X 101’ 1st place Kim Yohan → 10th place Kang Min Hee, X is Lee Eun Sang, X-ONE debut .. Lee Jin Hyuk was eliminated

Netizens react to Produce X 101's final results

11 (X) Lee Eun Sang
10 Kang Min Hee
9 Cha Jun Ho
8 Nam Do Hyon
7 Lee Han Gyul
6 Son Dong Pyo
5 Cho Seung Youn
4 Song Hyeong Jun
3 Han Seung Woo
2 Kim Woo Seok
1 Kim Yo Han

original post: naver

1. [+3251, -93] I have a question about rankings honestly.

2. [+2010, -21] Oh, it’s too different from what I expected.

3. [+2000, -84] I don’t think it’s as popular as Wanna One. Kim Min Gyu, Lee Jin Hyuk. What a waste.

4. [+1727, -21] Thank you, Jinhyuk. Let’s go on the flower path. I will cheer you.

5. [+1029, -9] When Jin Hyuk was eliminated, Lee Dong Wook looked like his soul was robbed. Lee Dong Wook’s Mind = My Heart

6. [+723, -13] After seeing Lee Jin Hyuk fall, I decided not to watch Produce anymore.

7. [+688, -4] It’s my first time writing a comment on an article. All the trainees worked hard and deserve to be congratulated, but until the end, Mnet is like a devil. The host, Lee Dong Wook, is having a hard time. Do you have to be so cruel until the end? It’s the cruelest thing to play with people. trainees who have run so hard to the last. Congratulations to all the members who made their debut. I hope everyone who didn’t make their debut will be able to watch it on TV. I’m really impressed with the trainees. Thank you.

8. [+646, -8] I thought Lee Jin Hyuk will definitely debut. What did you do, Mnet?

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