Red Velvet Wendy’s first mini album ‘Like Water’ MV

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1. The song is so good

2. I love the song so much

3. Wendy is awesome ㅜㅜ I’ve been waiting so long!

4. The song is so good… Wendy’s voice is a treasure

5. Wow, her song is so good!!!

6. Thanks for singing, Seungwan-ah 💙💙💙 I’ll always support you!! I love you!!

7. I love Wendy’s song ㅠㅠ Thank you for the good album, I will listen to your album a lot 💙💙💙

8. I like the song a lot

9. The song is so good, it’s a healing song ㅠㅠ Wendy, congratulations on your solo debut

10. The MV is so beautiful, the song is good

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