“My idol, my muse”… GD ♥ Jennie, secret dating

Dispatch reported BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Big Bang’s G-Dragon are dating.

On February 24th, media outlet Dispatch reported Jennie (24) and G-Dragon (32) have been in a relationship for a year. G-Dragon’s luxury apartment in Hannam was a perfect dating spot for the couple.

G-Dragon’s penthouse is highly secured with a 2-step verification process for entry and has a separate entrance, which was perfect for the high-profile couple. Jennie registered her car on the security system so she did not have to verify every time she visited. Then, she used a separate elevator that goes straight to the penthouse.

Jennie had a routine date, visiting G-Dragon right after BLACKPINK’s schedule. Their relationship was public, at least within YG Entertainment. Jennie’s manager dropped Jennie off at G-Dragon’s house and picked her up after the date. Sometimes G-Dragon’s manager gave her a ride instead. G-Dragon was also spotted at a music video filming set for BLACKPINK’s first full album, rooting for Jennie at the set.

On January 31st, Jennie was spotted leaving G-Dragon’s house heading to the concert venue. G-Dragon’s car was also spotted at Kintex. A close acquaintance of the two confided to Dispatch, “A lot of people in YG noticed their relationship. Jennie’s mother is also aware of their relationship. She is thankful to him for his thoughtful care.” cr

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1. What??

2. Oh, Jennie, why?…..ㅠ

3. No proof.. I guess this is to cover up something

4. But am I the only one not surprised??

5. What a crazy combinationㅋㅋㅋ

6. It’s a combination that foreign fans will loveㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. What?? This is a combination that you can’t imagine

8. I thought Jennie was dating someone, but when did she break up?

9. Jennie, what are you thinking? You are young and rich, but why are you dating him?

10. Well, what’s going on these days?

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