Red Velvet will make a comeback soon

The person talking is SM CEO Lee Seong Soo

original post: theqoo

1. Everything is fine, but I’m so disappointed with Irene that I don’t think I’ll listen to their songs…

2. Wow they are shameless

3. I want to listen to the new album soon

4. As long as Irene leaves the group and Red Velvet will make a comeback with the 4 members

5. I just want to see Red Velvet with 4 members…

6. She’s already 30 years old, how can her fans shield her? Irene seems to have to go to her 60th birthday to truly mature

7. Please save Wendy and Seulgi

8. I’m looking forward to it because I like Red Velvet’s songs

9. I don’t think Irene will leave the group.. But bitterly, I can’t look at Red Velvet because I feel uncomfortable..

10. What about Irene??

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