Tiffany Young, making her drama debut ‘The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family’… Alongside Song Joong Ki

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, Tiffany Young will be making her K-Drama debut in JTBC’s upcoming K-Drama Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son. The show is based off the web novel of the same name, and tells a story about the main character who is falsely accused of embezzling funds from conglomerate family for over a decade and killed, only to be reborn as the youngest son in the same family. It will show his revenge as he seeks to take over the entire family.

This would mark Tiffany Young’s first ever K-Drama fixed role, and she would play the youngest daughter of the conglomerate family. She will be the family’s Korean-American daughter, and show off her natural acting skills that she has already displayed through her musical Chicago.

Currently, actors Song Joong Ki, Shin Hyun Bin, and Lee Sung Min are all in discussion to join the cast of Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son. cr

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1. I wonder if her acting is good, I’ve never seen her acting

2. I think the youngest daughter of the conglomerate family will suit her well~ It will be fun

3. This role is perfect for her, I’m looking forward to it

4. Looks like it suits herㅋㅋㅋ

5. Tiffany’s acting is good, so I think she will do well

6. Why is the name of the drama like that? It feels like a KBS weekend drama

7. Oh, I’m sure she’ll do well!!

8. I think it would suit her so well when she plays the daughter of a rich family

9. This role seems to suit her so well, I hope she does well

10. Her image suits the role of the daughter of a rich family

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