Yogiyo will maintain Yunho’s model contract

Recently, Yogiyo revealed there is no immediate termination of the contract between Yunho. The company revealed on March 18th, “The contract has not been terminated at the moment. As the case is currently still underway, we will have to wait and see about the future to whether to continue with the advertising contract with Yunho or not.”

‘Yogiyo’ also explained their reasons for taking down the in-app advertisement. They stated, “There were a few complaints from consumers who felt uncomfortable with seeing Yunho as the model for our advertisement so we took down his photo for now.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. It’s because the expiration of the contract is near

2. Well, it’s nice to debut under a big agency

3. Looks like they will go in the direction of maintaining the contract but not reveal Yunho’s image

4. Looks like they’re still trying to get to their next model

5. In the Yogiyo app, all the photos have been taken down.. This is even more humiliating…

6. Isn’t Yogiyo the victim? Why are you swearing at Yogiyo?

7. As expected of SM’s power

8. They’d better take down his photos and then set up a new model

9. Yunho, if you have a conscience, you should pay the company for violating the advertising contract

10. What about Kingdom?

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