It’s true that SM pushed Aespa a lot compared to EXO and NCT

This is the first time in SM history that they performed on the same stage with sunbaes + they were promoted in the MVs of the sunbaes before their debut

They were taken for personal photos, they had their own worldview, they appeared on major variety shows within a year of their debut

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1. [+212, -76] They pushed Aespa a lot compared to Red Velvet and f(x), not so much compared to other male idols ㅜ Please calm down

2. [+137, -64] Don’t use EXO

3. [+83, -1] Guys, there’s no reason to fight. SM treats all groups fairly. Aespa just debuted, I think they are just focusing on Aespa. The antis are just trying to beat the junior groups using the senior groups, so please ignore them

4. [+69, -11] Taeyong featured in Red Velvet’s MV before his debut. Jaehyun and Doyoung were MCs too

5. [+35, -29] Red Velvet fans are using male idols to bash Aespa