Why did Chungha’s face change so much?

No, she’s still pretty, but.. uh.. She went too overboard ㅠ

Looks like there’s only bones left on her face, did she lose more weight?

original post: pann

1. [+155, -34] Where did her face change..? She still looks the same

2. [+134, -41] It’s her picture from the same day, doesn’t she still look the same??

3. [+127, -4] ‘Killing Me’ will be released on November 29 at 6pm ^^

4. [+125, -43] She got lip fillers

5. [+89, -18] Why are you guys pretending not to know everything? Because of plastic surgery, her face has changed

6. [+77, -17] In the video, her eyes and lips look unnatural..