Wow but with Rosé…

Although the standard of beauty will differ from person to person, Rosé has her own unique vibe. Her face is cute, innocent and sexy. Rosé’s talent and visuals are amazing

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1. [+131, -133] Her body and vocal skills are good, but I’m not sure about her face…

2. [+120, -27] Her face is unique but classy and trendy but her vibe is drowsy.. She’s unique

3. [+98, -21] Rosé’s unique drowsy vibe drives me crazy

4. [+75, -4] I love blonde Rosé so much

5. [+66, -105] Rosé said she wanted to appear on a Chinese broadcast. I think YG likes China a lot

6. [+37, -1] Her visual would suit something like a dried rose

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