Are you guys okay with idols smoking?

Are you guys okay with idols smoking?

Is it okay if they’re adults?

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1. I don’t like smokers

2. I wouldn’t like it if an idol singer smokes because they’re singers regardless of being an idol or not and smoking means they are not caring for their voices

3. I hate idols smoke because I don’t see the sense of professionalism from them

4. I hate smokers, whether they are idols or ordinary people

5. If they’re adults and they care for themselves well, I don’t care

6. Why do others decide if it’s okay or not? I’m a non-smoker, but this is ridiculousㅋㅋㅋ

7. If I’m already their fan, I won’t stop being their fan because they smoke, but I think I won’t become a fan of an idol who smokes if I’m not already their fan

8. It doesn’t matter if they’re adults, but it’s not good

9. It’s okay if they don’t smoke in non-smoking areas..

10. There’s a lot of singers who smoke, even the vocal trainers smoke

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