The divided part about fans who stan idols

1. Your fandom entry member is the same as your bias member

2. Your fandom entry member is different than your bias member

3. You have a fandom entry member but you like every member now

original post: theqoo

1. 3~ I joined the fandom because of Jisoo, but now I love all the BLACKPINK members

2 .I had a bias member, but now I like the entire group

3. 1->3

4. 4~ I started researching the group because I liked them, but I got a bias member 💚

5. 1~ I haven’t changed my bias member until now

6. 1+ 3~ My bias member hasn’t changed, but I like all the other members too

7. 333333.. I like all the members even though I have my bias member

8. My fandom entry member and my bias member are different, but I love the entire group now

9. 333 I can’t help but love the entire group

10. 2 My bias member changed four times