Who is the prettiest out of the girl group members you have seen in real life?

Concerts, fansign events, on the streets, etc.

Regardless of where, among girl group members you’ve seen

Who’s breathtakingly pretty?

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1. TWICE’s Dahyun……. Her visuals are crazy……

2. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities, but I can’t forget Oh My Girl’s Hyojung. She shines like sunshine

3. Yoona, her visuals are legendary

4. SNSD Yoona, Kara Goo Hara, BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa

5. TWICE members..! Everyone’s pretty but seeing Tzuyu gave me goosebumps

6. I happened to see Suzy at the airport, and she was really pretty even from a distance

7. Krystal 👍👍👍👍

8. Taeyeon

9. For me it’s T-ara Jiyeon…. I didn’t think she was human

10. Jung Chaeyeon, I happened to see her in Busan, but I was really surprised.. She was so pretty, white and skinny

11. When I saw TWICE Sana, I got goosebumps, seriously…

12. I saw Red Velvet, and I thought they were fairies

13. April Naeun, that’s the standard of beauty..

14. Actress Go Ara and Lovelyz Jiae ㅠㅠ

15. Lovelyz Jisoo…… I’ve never seen such aura😭😭❤️

16. I almost stood right next to Yuna at the airport and she was just a goddess…

17. GFriend.. I’ve only seen them from afar, but among the girl groups I’ve seen in my life, they have the same proportions as models

18. BLACKPINK Lisa, I saw her in Hongdae, she’s not human, she’s just a doll

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