2020 KBS Song Festival stage time distribution

Sul Woon Do x The Boyz 3:06
Aespa 3:07
Jessi x Jackson (GOT7) 3:21
Kim Yeonja x Solar (Mamamoo) 3:23
Paul Kim 3:28
Momoland 3:31
Astro (Moonbin & Sanha unit + group) 3:59
The Boyz 4:07
NU’EST 4:07
GFriend 4:20
ITZY 4:20
(G)I-DLE 4:35
IZ*ONE 4:50
Stray Kids (Dionysus cover + group) 5:04
TXT (Hug cover + full group) 5:05
Oh My Girl 5:19
Mamamoo (Hwasa solo + group) 5:55
GOT7 5:57
Park Jinyoung x Sunmi 6:03
Taemin 7:11
NCT (U unit + 127 unit + group) 8:05
TWICE 10:08
BTS 12:59

original post: theqoo

1. BTS and Taemin did well, their stages were amazing

2. Taemin’s stage quality is always good

3. BTS deserves to have longer time. I think this is obvious

4. Park Jinyoung, Sunmi, TWICE, and BTS were so good on stage

5. NCT has too much time compared to their popularityㅋㅋㅋ

6. If you don’t understand Taemin’s performance time, please watch his stage

7. Why is Taemin’s time so long ??? Does he have a hit song this year?

8. Do you know why BLACKPINK didn’t attend…?

9. Hwasa is Hwasa, Mamamoo is Mamamoo.. Hwasa and Mamamoo’s performance time was shorter than I expected

10. TWICE and BTS’ stages were so good, I want to meet them next year

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