Aespa Giselle’s controversial remark

In Aespa’s new video, Giselle made a controversial remark saying, “I’m really going to commit suicide if my phone drops.”

original post: theqoo

1. I’m really disappointed she speaks like that.. Celebrities need to be careful with what they say

2. I think it’s because she’s young and the young kids speak like that these days

3. Seriously, her head is empty

4. Is this controversial? Giselle is human too, can’t she say that?

5. Wow, this is my first time hearing that phrase.. Please be careful with your words and actions

6. NCT too, SM should educate their idols’ personalities

7. SM idols are always controversial because of their personalities

8. I don’t mean to shield her and it is true that she needs to be careful in her words and actions, but the comments are too harsh

9. Isn’t Giselle a foreigner? Where did she learn to use that phrase?

10. Her image is ruined for me