aespa’s new teaser – SYNK, KARINA / When will you be coming to the flat?

aespa – SYNK, KARINA

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Performed by KARINA & ae-KARINA

original post: theqoo

1. No, but her avatar is too ugly. Her avatar looks like a character from the 90s… Isn’t she the prettiest member?

2. The main dancer… No, is she the main dancer…?

3. I don’t think she’s good at dancing

4. Her dancing skills aren’t too bad for a rookieㅋㅋ She danced just like what she learned… However, the proportions are good and the visual is unique

5. Is she the main dancer? Why does she keep dancing in the teaser?

6. I think I saw Irene dancing…. ㅠㅠㅠ

7. She can’t dance, but she is the main dancer..?

8. I hope she sings well… I hope the main dancer is Winter…

9. The members are all attractive enough even if they don’t have their avatars, but why…..

10. Why does SM keep forcing her to dance?… Is she the main dancer? I really can’t see her as the main dancer… Looks like she just danced like what she learned

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