Karina is f*cking pretty

I was so shocked. For real, she’s not at the level to be bashed

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1. [+274, -76] The SM roaches have started by stuffing malicious rumors about SM’s female idols into people’s minds once againㅋㅋㅋ This happens every time SM debuts a new girl group

2. [+153, -209] She’s charming and she has visuals too. Why are people telling others to exclude her from SM visuals? She’s so pretty…? Honestly, I think she’s the most charming + pretty in Aespa..

3. [+152, -152] F*cking pretty…..

4. [+131, -99] Seeing people bashing Karina’s faceㅋ it’s just funny

5. [+64, -69] Pretty

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