SM’s rookie girl group ‘Aespa’ proportions

NingNing, Winter, Karina, Giselle

original post: theqoo

1. The members all have so small faces and good proportions

2. Wow, Karina is crazy, I know why she’s the center

3. If I were an idol, I think I don’t want to be near Karina.. Her body proportions are so good

4. They look normal except for Karina… Karina seems to have exceptionally good body proportions among celebrities

5. The members are all tall and pretty

6. Well, why would you post such distorted pictures and be proud of their proportions?

7. I wonder how tall they are

8. Looks like there is camera + heel influence;; I’m not sure about their body proportions

9. But Aespa’s proportions are definitely better than Red Velvet

10. Karina’s body is f*cking hot

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