SM’s new girl group ‘Aespa’ group teaser images

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t know how the song will be but the members don’t have SM vibes

2. They look like female idols from small and medium agencies

3. I’m not impressed with their visuals… I wonder if my thinking will change when I see their stage?

4. Looking at the Chinese and Japanese members among the 4 members, means they are not interested in the Korean market

5. Their visuals don’t look like SM’s so I’m a bit confusing but I’m curious about their skills

6. The comments are really crazy… I hope they don’t get hurt by bad comments

7. To be honest, their visuals are not my hobby, but I’m curious about the song

8. Am I the only one who thinks they don’t have the SM girl group vibes?

9. Something like a game ad

10. NingNing looks prettier than I thought

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