Starship girl group IVE profile Ahn Yujin


original post: theqoo

1. Wearing a white t-shirt makes me feel like she looks like an actress, she’s so pretty

2. Our Yujin is seriously pretty… She grew up well

3. Wow, she’s so pretty, especially when she’s wearing a white t-shirt

4. I was surprised when I saw the second photo… Why did they do this to a pretty girl…

5. Well, she looks like Kim Yohan, right?

6. The second photo has the concept for the idol group… She looks like the actress in the first photo, she’s so pretty

7. She’s so pretty, she looks like an actress in the first photo, and like an idol in the second photo

8. She’s pretty, she looks like an actress

9. I’ll believe it even if you say she’s a rookie actress

10. Yujin is so pretty and charming