BLACKPINK Rosé’s getty images at the Met Gala

original post: theqoo

1. Rosé is so pretty, her accessories are so pretty

2. Her ankles, wrists, shoulders are seriously no joke,,,,

3. She looks like actress Kim Ji Soo

4. Her skin is very white and she looks like a mannequin

5. I don’t like her eye makeup.. But Rosé is already pretty so no matter what she does, she’s still pretty

6. Her eyes look small because of her eye makeup

7. Rosé is so pretty, isn’t her pose amazing? Something is wrong with her hair, I think that hairstyle doesn’t suit her

8. Seriously bad.. They just highlight her flaws

9. I don’t like her makeup and hairstyle…

10. Rosé is pretty, but I’m a bit disappointed, she could have looked prettier