BTS J-Hope’s sister signs contract with CUBE

Her profile informs that she is currently a fashion influencer/YouTuber and co-CEO of MEJIWOO and FUN THE MENTAL.

Previously, she was featured on an online variety show of (G)I-DLE, giving advices to Yuqi on how to run an online fashion brand.

original post: theqoo

1. J-Hope and his sister look alike

2. Is she an actress???

3. She’s a person who influences celebrities, and her younger brother is a celebrity, so it’s natural for her to be known more. But that’s all, she’s smart and works hard, she’s not relying on her brother’s popularity ㅋㅋㅋ

4. If you are jealous of her because her younger brother is J-Hope, make your younger brother as famous as BTS~

5. She works so hard. I’ve never seen her mention J-Hope

6. She’s smart and good + She’s J-Hope’s older sister so she’s more popular

7. How old is she?

8. I’ve been following her SNS.. I think she’s pretty and an influencer working hard in her work

9. ?? Is Cube a subsidiary of Big Hit? Why did she sign a contract with Cube?

10. She’s pretty and looks like J-Hope

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