BTS Jimin joins Green Umbrella Children’s high-value donor group

Jimin donated over 100 million won to Green Umbrella Children Foundation on his 26th birthday

original post: pann

1. [+177, -3] Jimin has donated many times before, and this year he donated in July and he donated again today

2. [+168, -5] The haters who wrote malicious comments, please donate even 1 won

3. [+155, -3] Jimin-ah, you did so well. Happy birthday to Jimin. People who write malicious comments are just idiots, don’t waste your time on people who don’t care about the world

4. [+78, -3] I think it’s great to donate like that even if you make a lot of money

5. [+62, -1] He donated 100 million won again. People who mock his donation on his birthday, their lives are pitiful ㅠㅠ

6. [+50, -1] Well, how many times did he donate?ㄷㄷ